Send Products for Review does review Microphones for many manufacturers.  If you would like to send your Microphone in for review then please contact us via e-mail: reviews at .  Just replace the at with @.

In the tile please state the Company name and mention the words Product Review. We will do our best to get back to you in a 48 hour period.  Please note that all Microphones can be returned but we will need a pre-paid shipping box for the items to re-turned.  We have several editors on this site so you will not always be sending the Microphone to the same address.  It is important that we have an e-mail trail to help keep track of all products sent to us to ensure the HIGH dollar items are returned in a timely fashion.  Please note that it can take up to 30 days for a product ro be reviewed.  It all depends on work load and what our editors have going on.

You may also send products to us without e-mailing us first but ALL products sent to us with out an e-mail sent first will be kept and NOT returned.  If it is a HIGH dollar item please e-mail us first so we know to expect the package and can make arrangements for the product to be returned.  For all items you do not want back we normally just give the product away for free to an Artist in need once we are done with the review.

Mailing Address ( For Items not to be returned )

Brain Box Consultants

104 Garfield St

Saint Paul MN 55102

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