Sony UWPV1/30320 Ch 30/33 UWP-C1 Wireless Package Review

Technology This wireless microphone system is a replacement of its predecessor the UWP-C series, since it is inclusive of a variety of enhancements. This device eats the batteries very fast and besides this con, most of the people find it bulky & heavy. This makes moving around with it … [Read more...]

Sony ECM-719 Mic Review

-Good value for the amount of performance it delivers -Faithful, organic stereo recording -Quite a bit of versatility (music, podcasts, filming) -Few extras and add-ons -Some issues with the wire For its price, it is hard to recommend a better stereo mic than the Sony ECM-719. Though … [Read more...]

Sony ECM CR120 Review

The Sony ECM CR120 is very easy to use. It is compact so it can be used in house, or taken out of town with the speaker. It is versatile as it can be used as a clip on model or placed on a base to be stationary. The Sony ECM CR120 does cost more than most other microphones. However, if you are … [Read more...]

Sony ECM-MS907 Mic Review

-Very Durable Design -Competitive pricing -Healthy amount of features -Underwhelming sensitivity -Often requires considerable volume for proper recording Though making the perfect digital mic is still a challenge that has yet to be overcome, the Sony ECM-MS907 certainly stands above … [Read more...]


Compact and small camcorder microphone. I really like the small size of this camcorder microphone. It’s ultra convenient and can fit into the smallest camera bag easily. The sound is amazing, too. It’s clear and its directionality makes it stellar. You can record group or individual … [Read more...]

Sony ECMMS907

Affordable microphone that can be used in many situations. Adjustable angle of pickup for stereo sound and relatively small in size. No zoom feature and no sensitivity switch. This is an affordable mic that you can use to record college lectures or your bands latest single. – … [Read more...]