Sony ECMMS907

Affordable microphone that can be used in many situations.

Sony ECMMS907 Digital Recording Microphone

Adjustable angle of pickup for stereo sound and relatively small in size.

No zoom feature and no sensitivity switch.

This is an affordable mic that you can use to record college lectures or your bands latest single.

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Sony ECMMS907 Digital Recording Microphone: A Step Above the Amateur Mic

The Sony ECMMS907 has many different uses from recording music to lectures.

The design of this digital microphone is supposed to make it compact and small enough to take with you to the studio. It’s not the bulkiest but it’s also not nearly as small as some of the newer mics on the market. The Sony ECMMS907 mic is 8.8 x 5.5 x 2.2 inches and is much bulkier than the skinny DPA Danish Pro Audio 4011, but for over a thousand dollars difference, who’s complaining?

This is a really good mic for those who aren’t quite pros yet but who are ready to take a step above amateur.

I especially like the way you can adjust the degrees of the pickup angle for different sound situations. This makes it easy to pick up the sounds of a single instrument, many instruments or even voices that you wouldn’t be able to with some of cheaper mics out there. This stereo feature is very important to the overall performance of the microphone because it does not have a sensitivity switch or any other kind of zoom feature.

It really is as though you have more than one microphone at work when you use the Sony ECMMS907 Digital Recording Microphone because it’s a powerful one-point stereo design. This is what you need if you’re using either a portable DAT or MD digital recorder. It also woks quite well when it comes to recording lectures or meetings, but you need to make sure it’s placed right or you could miss important points.

One of my favorite aspects of the Sony ECMMS907 is the energy consumption. All you need to run this microphone is one single AA battery. That’s fabulous and it doesn’t run out super fast like you’d expect either. And taking only one extra battery with you when you go out is simple, unlike if you had to take 5 or 6. That would weight you down!

If you have some audio software, you can really use it to boost the sound of the audio that you pick up with the Sony ECMMS907 microphone. This will allow you to up the volume of lower conversations etc. and clear up many of the issues you could run into with this mic.

Just remember that most mics are not compatible with just any device and that’s true of the Sony ECMMS907, as well. You need to make sure the equipment you have will work with this mic before you purchase it.

Technical Info:

Type: Mid-side stereo; Electret condenser
Directivity: Unidirectional (stereo); directive angle 90 or 120
Effective output level: -56 dBm 13 dB
Frequency response: 100-15,000 Hz
Dynamic range: More than 80 dB
Cord: Oxygen-free copper Litz
Connector: Cannon XLR
Cord length: 5 feet
Power: DC 1.5 volts from manganese battery
Dimensions: 1.1 inches in diameter by 5.1 inches long
MSRP: $99.99

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  1. Can this mic be used " live" for live performances, to mic up an acoustic guitar or a ukulele player?

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