Audio Technica ATR- 55 Review

A Microphone at its Intended Purpose

Audio Technica ATR- 55 Review

Better isolation from tape mechanism, and is unidirectional. It has great sound and good directionality.

It is so sensitive that it picks up the zoom motor of the camcorder and any other touches and bumps. It also has no battery light, weak/flimsy mounts.

It has a powerful pickup of sound; Unidirectional helps in reducing ambient noise, clear sound when doing interviews, overall value for the money.

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Audio Technica ATR- 55 Review

Perfect recording with the right adjustments

Audio Technica is well- known in manufacturing different kinds of product and is specialized in microphones and many more has now created a cheaper but incredible product, bringing at this instant the Audio Technica ATR- 55 out in the market. The Audio Technica ATR- 55 is made for an easy use. It is a condenser shotgun microphone; it offers intelligible production for close-, medium-, and long- distance pick- up. The price of the Audio Technica ATR- 55 is very affordable and the quality is impressive parallel to its price.

As based from the user’s experience using the Audio Technica ATR- 55, in a normal mode and with the filter the ambient noise is gone. It is preferably better indoors. In a TELE mode and the wind filter, the voice is clear and the ambient sound is gone. The audio quality is very remarkable. Audio Technica ATR- 55 is reasonably light in weight. There is a difference between the up- close cardoid pattern and the long range shotgun setting. The Audio Technica ATR- 55 rejects mechanical noise compared to the built-in microphone (just don’t touch the cable or fiddle around with a long zoom lens).

The amplified TELE feature seems to reach out and grab sounds without picking up hardly any surrounding noise. It is uni- directional, as expected from it. The normal zone is about 120 degrees V in front of the microphone and the TELE are about a 90 degree V- zone. Filming a football game using the Audio Technica ATR- 55– one half in TELE mode and the other half in the NORMAL mode. The TELE mode was almost eerie, as it could pick up the voices out in the field, however, all the surrounding noise (crowd cheering/fans) could hardly be heard, while the NORMAL mode picked up a little more audience noise, so it sounded more natural, but nevertheless still filtered out the other people chit- chatting in the location(press tower).  The TELE mode is preferably good in lectures as it does not pick up distracting noises, including that of the camcorder’s mechanism. You must also be aware that this is not a stereo, so you should either get a mono-to- stereo adapter to use with it, or set the sound input on the camcorder to mono. Otherwise, you will only get sound coming out in only one speaker on stereo playback.

The Audio Technica ATR- 55 requires the use of one AA battery that is installed inside its aluminum shell. The battery seemed to last pretty well as one consumer has never depleted a battery in it, but routinely replace it once a year. As an extraction the Audio Technica ATR- 55 in a STANDARD MODE has great sound with good directionality, but is poor in range, while, TELE MODE has thin sound, good directionality, and does well in range. You just have to keep it mind though that it is a 40-dollar microphone not the usual $400 and its pretty perfect for a price like that already.

Where to Purchase:
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Technical Info:

Frequency Response:         70 Hz to 18 kHz
Connectivity Technology:         Cable 36"
Polarity:                 Unidirectional – Supercardioid
Frequency Response:         70 – 18000 Hz
Impedance:            1000 ohms
MSRP:                $49.95

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