Panasonic rp-vk35

Affordable and fun karaoke microphone.

I like the affordability of this mic and the fact that it’s perfect for karaoke. Both adults and kids alike will be able to have a ball with this microphone and the best part is that parents won’t have to worry about kids getting it dirty or sticky since it’s so affordable.

The sound is by no means professional, so if you need a good mic for your band then this isn’t your best bet. The gold and black coloring is a little flashy and it doesn’t look as expensive as the manufacturers may have been going for.

This is a great microphone for people who want to have some fun performing or singing karaoke. It’s an affordable purchase that everyone in the family can get a kick out of.

Have A Blast With The Panasonic RP-VK35 Microphone

The Panasonic rp-vk35 is an all-around fun mic that the whole family can enjoy. Kids can perform for mom and dad. If you like karaoke, this is just what you need.

Okay, so the Panasonic rp-vk35 microphone isn’t the one you want when you’re planning to perform at a big sold out show, but for Karaoke or just playing around in the garage, it’s great. This is a cool-looking mic. I like that it’s very traditional in style and shape. It has the ball head everyone imagines themselves holding on stage. The head isn’t soft or padded; it’s a golden metal mesh that looks nifty in your hand. The part that you hold is classic black but really it doesn’t look expensive. I still like it though and if you’re getting this microphone for your kids, they’ll think you spent a fortune.

This is a versatile microphone you can use in various ways. Perhaps you like to play piano and sing for guests or the family, or maybe your kids like to perform skits and songs for you, or maybe you have a teen interested in starting a garage band. This mic can suit all sorts of occasions.

This Panasonic rp-vk35 microphone is a great gift idea for the most outgoing on your list, as well. As long as you don’t need a microphone for a professional purpose, this mic will suit you fine. I like this one because while it’s cheap, it sounds good – not perfect, but pretty good for amateurs. It’s clear and sensitive enough to pick up sound even a couple feet away.

I like not having to worry about the kids playing with this microphone. They can get their sticky hands all over it and that’s not a big deal because it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. I recommend the Panasonic rp-vk35 to anyone interested in having a mic around the house to play with.

Technical Info:

Unidirectional: Yes
Cable: 13.1' cable with 3.5mm gold-plated mini plug
Component type: Microphone
Remote control description: None
Connectivity technology: Wired
Audio input: Microphone
Microphone form factor: External
Microphone technology: Dynamic
Microphone operation mode: Mono
Audio sensitivity: -55 dB
Weight: 9.9 Ounces
Item Display Diameter: 2.1 inches
Length: 9 inches
Warranty: 3 months warranty
MSRP: $22

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