Audix F90 Microphone Review

Miniature clip-on condenser microphone Captures drum audio with ease Small size allows it to be placed virtually anywhere Durable and sturdy clip and attachment Can be used with nearly all instruments A bit more expensive than it needs to be Won't perform as well as … [Read more...]

Audix I-5 Instrument Microphone

Affordable dynamic, cardioid instrument microphone This is a great price for a great microphone. It is being compared to Shure’s SM57 as a great microphone for snare drums and guitar cabinets. The I-5 has a very pronounced proximity effect meaning that there is a notable bass boost … [Read more...]

Audix D4

Small dynamic mic for low frequency applications The Good This mic kicks and snaps! With a little EQ, it could restart a heart on the right system. Also, it’s affordable and pretty discreet. Sometimes it picks up too much of the bottom end and requires a gate to compensate for the low … [Read more...]