Sennheiser E815S Mic Review

-Strong, tough body -Can perform with many different kinds of instruments -Easily handles most performance tasks Can be a bit dodgy with pickup pattern Proximity can sometimes cause problems Though in normal circumstances the mic would lose a point for its cons, the price of the E815S … [Read more...]

Sennheiser EW 165 G2

UHF wireless vocal microphone As clean as a wired Sennheiser mic! Great measures were taken to ensure transmission clarity, including almost 1,500 UHF frequencies from which to tune. An innovative locking feature on the bottom of the mic protects the power and mute functions. Nothing … [Read more...]

Sennheiser E914

Small diaphragm condenser for the stage or studio It’s small and inconspicuous. Sennheiser consistently puts out great products, and this falls in line as one of my personal top ten for its ability to grab the sound I want and reject the noise I don’t. It also has built-in … [Read more...]

Sennheiser E815S

Dynamic mic for rehearsal, stage and backup gear The e815S is inexpensive considering its sound quality, durability and reliability. They are sold alone or in a three pack. Perhaps their most remarkable quality is their instrument miking diversity. Vocals, horns, woodwinds, percussion and more … [Read more...]

Sennheiser E835 Dynamic Microphone

Dynamic mic for stage vocals or guitar amps E835 has clean sound, great construction, is reliable, discreet and affordable. After about four years of being yelled into, the grills on both my e835s are beginning to show rust. For the same price as an SM58 ($99), the e835 pulls ahead … [Read more...]

Sennheiser E604

Small dynamic mics fitted with drum clips E604s are small, convenient, have nice pickup for close miking, and clip right onto the drum rim. They’re also sold individually or in packs of three. The clip can become a menace. It’s curved and adjustable, but usually throws the mic a … [Read more...]