Samson G-Track Review

- great mixer and interface - good compatibility with both PCs and Macs  - 19 mm diaphragm and PS01 pop filter -Sonar LE leaves a bit to be desired - might be a bit too small for some folks   The Samson G-Track is a portable USB mic that can recreate pristine recording … [Read more...]

Samson Meteor Mic Review

A condenser microphone suited for acoustic guitar and vocal applications. It has a 25 mm condenser diaphragm,16 bit audio, great versatility with other programs and strong rubber feet . A bit pricey, and the mute switch can get in the way for some people. Samson Meteor Mic is great for … [Read more...]

Samson 7kit Drum Microphone Set Review

Capture the sound from your drums This microphone set is extremely easy to set up with your drum kit. The microphones specifically record the drum they are assigned to and nothing else. Gives great quality sound. The durability of the microphones is a bit on the low side, and they have … [Read more...]

Samson R21 Microphone Review

A triple-pack to fulfill your concurrent recording needs Since you get 3 microphones, you can record multiple instruments at the same time. Price is very low when compared to contemporary models. The microphones provide good sound capture. The mics are a bit too sensitive and will pick up … [Read more...]

Samson CO1U

An affordable mic that won’t create hassle. This is a USB Microphone A very sturdy aluminum USB microphone that provides good sound for the money. Though its suggested retail price is over $200, we’ve found that many retailers sell this microphone for as low as $75. Additionally, … [Read more...]