Audio-Technica AT4047

The Audio-Technica AT4047 provides professional, smooth and polished sound The sound is incredible from the Audio-Technica AT4047 microphone. It’s smooth, warm, rich and full. If you record with this mic, it really sounds like you’re listening to a professionally produced album. I … [Read more...]

AKG D112

The AKG D112 is universally accepted as a “kick drum microphone.” It is a common favorite for this job. It also performs very well on other bass instruments including trombones and bass cabinets. Because of the way the AKG D112 is designed, it doesn’t handle high frequencies … [Read more...]

Audio Technica KP-Worship Kit

Everything’s included in the kit: it has mics for the choir, the podium, and even an extra vocal mic. I love the hard case, too. Three choir mics would have been better than two for larger churches. Definitely worth the money, you get so many great components in this kit. – … [Read more...]

Logitech PlayStation 2 USB Microphone

This is an awesome mic! It’s compatible with all PlayStation 2 karaoke games and unlike headsets, you won’t have to worry about fit. I also like that it simply plugs right into the machine and the fact that it’s actually helped me improve my scores. The only thing I found to be … [Read more...]

Azden Barrel SGM-1X Shotgun Mic

With versatile mounting options and the possibility of going wireless by plugging into the 41XT transmitter, this shotgun is perfect for use with smaller consumer video cameras. Although this shotgun is nicely priced, it won’t blow you away the way a Shure or Sennheiser will. For low … [Read more...]