Sony ECM-MS907 Mic Review

-Very Durable Design -Competitive pricing -Healthy amount of features -Underwhelming sensitivity -Often requires considerable volume for proper recording Though making the perfect digital mic is still a challenge that has yet to be overcome, the Sony ECM-MS907 certainly stands above … [Read more...]

Audio Technica Pro 44 Review

The Audio Technica Pro 44 offers a very crisp sound. Everyone that is in the location will be able to hear as well as to understand what is being said. The design is very compact, so the microphone can be used in a variety of flexible locations. The Audio Technica Pro 44 microphone is more … [Read more...]

Audio Technica Pro 70 Review

A condenser microphone suited for acoustic guitar and vocal applications. Can operate on both phantom and battery power. The cardioids system minimizes the pick-up of stray sounds from either the rear or sides of the microphone. The instrument adapter makes the microphone work excellently in … [Read more...]

Audio Technica Atm25 Review

Great sound quality for close-up vocals The microphone has the ability to handle very high SPL while it operates at close range. The rugged construction with multi-level grille makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It is not suited for live performance if there is no sound … [Read more...]

Audio Technica 4033 Review

A precision machine that gets rid of low frequency distortion. Audio Technica 4033 allows superior isolation because of the custom shock mount. The floating construction capsule provides good isolation from vibration while allowing optimal sensitivity. The shockmount is shocking with the … [Read more...]


The Versatile Studio Performer A transparent and versatile microphone is for an affordable price. It is very sensitive that it may pick up even the slightest sound that may cause nuisance. Superior performance for studio recording and live sound applications. Combination of warm, … [Read more...]

MXL V69M-EDT Microphone Review

A tube microphone that delivers great recording quality This microphone is ideal for a recording artist with a low budget. It gives quality recordings with great pickup on the lower and mid ranges. Although this microphone handles the upper-mid ranges well, it does not work that well with … [Read more...]

MXL 603 Microphone Review

Record the acoustic guitar like never before! A low-budget microphone that provides great quality. Works well with acoustic guitar. Records the top end quite well, making it a good snare drum microphone. This microphone is not good on the lower ranges. Sometimes you will have to bring it … [Read more...]

AmpliVox S122A with Wired Microphone

Portable tabletop lectern with amplifier, speakers and microphone With 50 Watt amplifier, this compact unit is powerful and can fill a 15,000 square foot room. The S122A works for an audience of 1500 people. For a larger audience, it is not as accommodating. AmpliVox’s S122A is … [Read more...]

Audio-Technica AT2020

The Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphone is an ideal mic for project and home studio applications. It boasts a cardioid pattern, has specs similar to better quality mics, and it’s affordable. The Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphone is a low-priced mic suited … [Read more...]