The Versatile Studio Performer A transparent and versatile microphone is for an affordable price. It is very sensitive that it may pick up even the slightest sound that may cause nuisance. Superior performance for studio recording and live sound applications. Combination of warm, … [Read more...]

MXL 2006 Microphone Review

Picks up everything! The microphone picks up absolutely every sound. The microphone’s casing is very sturdy. Shock mount helps to eliminate unwanted noise when moving the microphone around. The fact that the microphone picks up absolutely every sound can be a bad thing as well. The … [Read more...]

Shure KSM44 Microphone Review

Record using 3 different polar patterns! The microphone offers 3 separate polar patterns for recording, which can be used according to your specific requirements. It offers great quality when recording from the low-end of the frequency spectrum. Does not add much coloration when recording … [Read more...]

MXL V69M-EDT Microphone Review

A tube microphone that delivers great recording quality This microphone is ideal for a recording artist with a low budget. It gives quality recordings with great pickup on the lower and mid ranges. Although this microphone handles the upper-mid ranges well, it does not work that well with … [Read more...]

Shure PG81 Microphone Review

Record the true quality of your instrumentation A 15 foot XLR cable is provided with the microphone. The microphone gives a crisp, clean, high quality sound when recording from the cymbals or vocals. Not suitable for loud vocals or bass, as it does not capture the lower range or sound … [Read more...]

MXL 603 Microphone Review

Record the acoustic guitar like never before! A low-budget microphone that provides great quality. Works well with acoustic guitar. Records the top end quite well, making it a good snare drum microphone. This microphone is not good on the lower ranges. Sometimes you will have to bring it … [Read more...]

MXL 770 Microphone Review

A great studio mike for a reasonable price This microphone provides good quality for its price.  Good for recordings and for use in the studio during practice sessions for vocalists. Acts up a bit during recordings sometimes and will give a slightly distorted output. This … [Read more...]

Samson 7kit Drum Microphone Set Review

Capture the sound from your drums This microphone set is extremely easy to set up with your drum kit. The microphones specifically record the drum they are assigned to and nothing else. Gives great quality sound. The durability of the microphones is a bit on the low side, and they have … [Read more...]

AKG C1000

Studio quality condenser at a fraction of the price Approximating the quality of its pricier counterparts, AKG’s C 1000 S can withstand very high sound pressure levels, which makes them great for live sound and project studios. The AKG  C 1000 S might be a little pricey for a … [Read more...]

Azden Barrel SGM-1X Shotgun Mic

Affordable shotgun microphone for capturing audio for video With versatile mounting options and the possibility of going wireless by plugging into the 41XT transmitter, this shotgun is perfect for use with smaller consumer video cameras. Although this shotgun is nicely priced, it won’t … [Read more...]