Shure SM57

This instrument/vocal mic has proven itself to be a reliable workhorse both onstage and in the studio. The Shure SM57 is a versatile mic that’s very popular. Its dynamic build makes it durable enough to stand up to road travel night after night, and it also does a great job in the … [Read more...]


Large diaphragm tube condenser for about $200 The MXL9000 is a very affordable large diaphragm condenser microphone with a nice smooth sound to it. It is an excellent project studio mic for vocals. Although it has a very silky, clear sound, it comes off a bit thin - lacking warmth on the lower … [Read more...]

Shure SM58

Referred to by some as the world’s most popular vocal mic, the SM58 is built for performance and durability. The Shure SM58 is legendary for its ability to withstand both onstage and road abuse, while maintaining superb performance. It has stood up to the test of time not only onstage, but … [Read more...]

Blue Bluebird

Bluebird large diaphragm condenser microphone Stunning design and build quality. Low self noise level. Stellar vocal and instrumental reproductions. Wide dynamic range. No bass roll off feature. Included pop filter is inadequate. Shock mount looses tension rather quickly due to … [Read more...]

Sony ECMMS907

Affordable microphone that can be used in many situations. Adjustable angle of pickup for stereo sound and relatively small in size. No zoom feature and no sensitivity switch. This is an affordable mic that you can use to record college lectures or your bands latest single. – … [Read more...]

Audio Technica AT822

Stereo mic that can be used in just about any situation I like the versatility of this mic but the best part is how light it is, which makes portability easy. I also really like the clean sound of the Audio Technica AT822; it makes a big difference. This is especially important when you’re … [Read more...]

Audio-Technica AT4047

The Audio-Technica AT4047 provides professional, smooth and polished sound The sound is incredible from the Audio-Technica AT4047 microphone. It’s smooth, warm, rich and full. If you record with this mic, it really sounds like you’re listening to a professionally produced album. I … [Read more...]

AKG D112

The AKG D112 is universally accepted as a “kick drum microphone.” It is a common favorite for this job. It also performs very well on other bass instruments including trombones and bass cabinets. Because of the way the AKG D112 is designed, it doesn’t handle high frequencies … [Read more...]

Audio Technica KP-Worship Kit

Everything’s included in the kit: it has mics for the choir, the podium, and even an extra vocal mic. I love the hard case, too. Three choir mics would have been better than two for larger churches. Definitely worth the money, you get so many great components in this kit. – … [Read more...]

Logitech PlayStation 2 USB Microphone

This is an awesome mic! It’s compatible with all PlayStation 2 karaoke games and unlike headsets, you won’t have to worry about fit. I also like that it simply plugs right into the machine and the fact that it’s actually helped me improve my scores. The only thing I found to be … [Read more...]