The Versatile Studio Performer A transparent and versatile microphone is for an affordable price. It is very sensitive that it may pick up even the slightest sound that may cause nuisance. Superior performance for studio recording and live sound applications. Combination of warm, … [Read more...]

Shure KSM44 Microphone Review

Record using 3 different polar patterns! The microphone offers 3 separate polar patterns for recording, which can be used according to your specific requirements. It offers great quality when recording from the low-end of the frequency spectrum. Does not add much coloration when recording … [Read more...]

MXL 603 Microphone Review

Record the acoustic guitar like never before! A low-budget microphone that provides great quality. Works well with acoustic guitar. Records the top end quite well, making it a good snare drum microphone. This microphone is not good on the lower ranges. Sometimes you will have to bring it … [Read more...]

MXL 770 Microphone Review

A great studio mike for a reasonable price This microphone provides good quality for its price.  Good for recordings and for use in the studio during practice sessions for vocalists. Acts up a bit during recordings sometimes and will give a slightly distorted output. This … [Read more...]

Crowley and Tripp Naked Eye

Dual voice ribbon microphone Dual voice means two different frequency curves, one on each side. So you basically get two mics in one. What’s more amazing is each side is its own respectable character for any number of applications. Responds beautifully with acoustic guitars, amps, vocals, … [Read more...]

Groove Tubes VELO 8

Large diaphragm ribbon microphone It’s all about tone! With such smooth mids, this is a great mic to capture warm vocal tracks. It comes with a regular clip and a shockmount. It also comes with an innovative pop filter. As with any mic, it takes some tweaking depending on your … [Read more...]

Sennheiser E914

Small diaphragm condenser for the stage or studio It’s small and inconspicuous. Sennheiser consistently puts out great products, and this falls in line as one of my personal top ten for its ability to grab the sound I want and reject the noise I don’t. It also has built-in … [Read more...]

Neumann TLM 49 Condenser Studio Microphone

This mic has a retro look, warm sound, and is optimized for recording vocals. The Neumann TLM 49 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone that is best used in the studio. Its cardioid pattern and warm sound make it a favorite for vocal recording. While Neumann makes a great product, it can … [Read more...]

Shure KSM109

Condenser microphone for the studio. The KSM is everything you’d expect a condenser to be: small, tight pickup pattern, smooth response, and pretty sensitive. Works better on some instruments than others. I wouldn’t suggest this mic for anything that requires warmth, a really … [Read more...]

M-Audio Solaris

Stylish and sensitive studio to stage microphone The M-Audio Solaris multipattern condenser microphone can be used in virtually any setting whatsoever. You can use it in the studio to record vocals or instruments, on stage at a small venue, or even at a large one. It outperforms other … [Read more...]