Panasonic rp-vk35

Affordable and fun karaoke microphone. I like the affordability of this mic and the fact that it’s perfect for karaoke. Both adults and kids alike will be able to have a ball with this microphone and the best part is that parents won’t have to worry about kids getting it dirty or … [Read more...]

Shure SM7B

Versatile microphone perfect for many recording situations. The super clear recording capability that you get with this mic is fantastic. You can use this microphone for so many things, like recording speaking and singing voices in the broadcasting studio or even for podcasting. This makes this mic … [Read more...]

Pyle Dual UHF

Strong microphones for any situation. It’s really cool that these microphones can be used together. This allows you to balance sound more professionally in many situations. And the fact that both have separate volume controls makes that professional level even easier to achieve. I also love … [Read more...]

Olympus ME-15

Small, convenient clip on mic. I love the convenience of this mic. It’s so small and easy to use! It simply clips onto your shirt or tie and hangs there hands free. It’s small and lightweight, so there’s no strange pulling on your clothes. It can be used with so many different … [Read more...]

M-Audio Solaris

Stylish and sensitive studio to stage microphone The M-Audio Solaris multipattern condenser microphone can be used in virtually any setting whatsoever. You can use it in the studio to record vocals or instruments, on stage at a small venue, or even at a large one. It outperforms other … [Read more...]

Logitech USB Desktop Mic

Easy to use, powerful desktop microphone I love everything about this Logitech desktop mic. It’s cool to look at, the clarity and sensitivity is topnotch and I love that I can use it for virtually any kind of recording. I think this is the finest desktop mic I’ve come across so far … [Read more...]

Audio-Technica AT4040

The AT4040 is a large-diaphragm condenser mic that is best used in a studio setting. This large-diaphragm mic is ideal for studio use. Its exceptional low noise, wide dynamic range, and high SPL capability give it unparalleled versatility compared to other mics in its class. Though it falls … [Read more...]

Neumann U 87 Ai

The Neumann U 87 Ai is a versatile industry standard studio mic. The Neumann U 87 is a large-diaphragm studio mic that’s topnotch in quality and outstanding in versatility. With its robust features and wide frequency range, it’s the perfect mic for home and studio use. The Neumann … [Read more...]

Shure Beta 91

Good looking design and strong sound from this bass drum microphone. The sound is powerful, clear and strong, and it’s great that you do not need extra bits to mount the mic. Nothing bad to say about this microphone at all! A wonderful purchase that you can use in many different … [Read more...]

Shure SM57

This instrument/vocal mic has proven itself to be a reliable workhorse both onstage and in the studio. The Shure SM57 is a versatile mic that’s very popular. Its dynamic build makes it durable enough to stand up to road travel night after night, and it also does a great job in the … [Read more...]